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piątek, 18 marca 2011

Himekami - Kitaten Gensō (1986)

Album: 北天幻想 (Kitaten Gensō)
Artist: 姫神 (Himekami)
Date of release: 1986.09.21


01. 大地炎ゆ~秀衡のテーマ (Daichienyu ~ Shūkubiki no Theme)
02. 月のあかりはしみわたり (Tsuki no Akari wa Shimiwatari)
03. 平泉-空- (Hiraizumi -Sora-)
04. 白鳥伝説 (Hakuchō Densetsu)
05. 遠い音 (Tōi Oto)
06. 組曲「北天幻想」~序~北狼の群れ~毛越寺~北天を翔る~常夜 (Kumikyoku "Kitaten Gensō ~ Jo ~ Kita Ōkami no Mure ~ Mōtsuji ~ Kitaten o Kakeru ~ Tsuneyoru)

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