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piątek, 4 marca 2011

Sojiro - Dai Kouga (1985)

Album: 大黃河 (Dai Kōga)
Artist: 宗次郎 (Sojiro)
Year of release: 1985


01 大黃河のテーマ (Theme Of The Great Yellow River)
02 壯雲海~星宿海 (From Jangun Sea To Sungsuk Sea)
03 冬雪花 (Winter Snow Flower)
04 月下草 (Moonlight Flower)
05 朧傳說 (Legend of Moonlight)
06 黃河源 (Origin of Yellow River)
07 大黃河 (Great Yellow River)
08 童戱原 (Great Plain of Playing Children)
09 天淸流 (Clear Stream)
10 麗泉鄕 (Village with Beautiful Spring)
11 陽春麓 (Sunny Mountain Range)

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