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poniedziałek, 14 marca 2011

V.A. - Bright Young Aquarium Workers [Extended] (1983)

Album: 陽気な若き水族館員たち (Yōkina Wakaki Suizokukan-in-tachi - Bright Young Aquarium Workers) [Extended]
Artist: 水族館オーケストラ (Suizokukan Orchestra), Portable Rock, Real Fish, VOICE, Mio Fou
Year of release: 1983


01. Bright Young X'mas [水族館オーケストラ]
02. クリケット [Portable Rock] (Cricket)
03. ガムラン・ホッパー [Real Fish] (Gamelan Hopper)
04. 大地の糧 [VOICE] (Daichi no Kate)
05. ゴッホの糸杉 [Mio Fou] (Gohho no Itosugi)
06. 美しきサフラン Oh! la la やすもの工作は江戸リズムとキャラメルの夕焼け。[水族館オーケストラ] (Utsukushiki Safuran Oh! La la Yasu Mono Kōsaku wa Edo Rizumu to Kyarameru no Yūyake.)
07 グリーン・ブックス [Portable Rock] (Green Books)
08 遊園地 [Real Fish] (Yūen-chi)
09 ホーム・シック(On the Dark and the Rolling Sea) [VOICE] (Homesick)
10 Pierrot le Fou [Mio Fou]
11 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [水族館オーケストラ]
12 Puffy Winds Gently Falling Snow [水族館オーケストラ]
13 Bright Young X'mas [水族館オーケストラ]

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  1. ouch! i missed this. any chance of reup on the horizon? it's very rare. thanks for your fine taste. beautiful blawg