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piątek, 26 marca 2010

Pageant - La Mosaïque de la Rêverie (1998)

Album: La Mosaïque de la Rêverie (Mosaic of a Daydream)
Artist: Pageant
Year of release: 1986


01 La Mosaïque De La Rêverie (Mosaic of a Daydream)
02 Vexation
03 Echo
04 L'Enfer Des Poupées (The Hell of the Dolls)
05 Rires Dans La Nuit (Laughter in the Night)
06 Un Giel De Celluloide (A Celluloid Gall)
07 Epilogue

5 komentarzy:

  1. i have more of them if you need them

  2. Thanks. I have both "Abysmal Masquerade" and "The Pay for Dreamer's Sin". If you have anything else (if there was something else from them) I would be very grateful. And feel free to use anything we share.

  3. I have 1987--ABYSMAL MASQUERADE. I'll upload it and send it to you to use.

  4. I couldn't find a profile on your site. so if you want Pageant's -abysmal masquerade just email me at the sites email url--,
    and I will send you the link, cover and trax list.