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wtorek, 30 marca 2010

Pageant - Abysmal Masquerade (1987)

Album: Abysmal Masquerade
Artist: Pageant
Date of release: 1987


01 L'Enfer Des Poupees (1987 New Version)
02 真夏の夜の夢 (Manatsu No Yoru No Yume)
03 Vexation (1987 New Version)
04 奈落の舞踏会 (Live Version) (Naraku No Butoukai)
05 仮面の笑顔 (Live Version) (Kamen No Egao)
06 木霊 (Live Version) (Kodama)
07 奈落の舞踏会 (Naraku No Butoukai)
08 仮面の笑顔 (Flute Version) (Kamen No Egao)
09 蜘蛛の館 (Long Version) (Kumo No Yakata)

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