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sobota, 17 kwietnia 2010

T-SQUARE SUPER BAND - Concert Tour 2008 Final “Wonderful Days” (2008)

Concert Tour 2008 Final “Wonderful Days”
Artist: T-Square Super Band (T-Square)
Date of release: 2006
Resolution: 325x288
File size: 1675MB (17 parts)


01. All About You~
02. Special Medley 2008
03. Anthem
04. Calera
05. A Feel Deep Inside (Soprano Sax Duo)
06. Blues For Monk
07. Missin’ You
08. Eurostar~run into the light~
09. Wonderful Days
10. Drum Session~Bass Session
11. Explorer
12. Islet Beauty
13. 宝島 (Takarajima)
14. Truth
15. Sayonara
16. Japanese Soul Brothers
17. Cape Light
18. Omens Of Love~Credits

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  1. Thanks!! but where is No.16file?

  2. Thank you for this awesome post...
    but would you please upload the 16th file, too?