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wtorek, 13 kwietnia 2010

T-Square - All About Us -The Square Best Sellection- (1984)

Album: All About Us -The Square Best Sellection-
Artist: The Square (T-Square)
Date of release: 1984.11.12


01 All About You
02 君はハリケーン (Kimi wa Harikēn)
03 脚線美の誘惑 (Kyakusenbi no Yūwaku)
04 Night Dreamer
05 カピオラニの通り雨 (Kapiorani no Tōriame)
06 Stiff Nails
07 Travelers
08 Lover's Still Burnin'
09 Rodan
10 Hank & Cliff
11 ハワイへ行きたい (Hawai e Iki Tai)
12 Sabana Hotel

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