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sobota, 6 lutego 2010

Kiyoshi Yoshida - カイバ Original Soundtrack (2008)

Album: カイバ Original Soundtrack (Kaiba)
Artist: Kiyoshi Yoshida
Year of release: 2008


01 Never (TV size -カイバ mix-)
02 Initialize Me
03 Baby's Noise
04 Night Sound
05 Dark Nebula
06 Planet (laughing version)
07 Planet
08 Planet (enjoying version)
09 Planet (blueing version)
10 Planet (lonely version)
11 Gray in Calculation
12 Chase to It!
13 Catch It up!
14 Think It over!
15 Pink Algorithm
16 Crazy in Love
17 Crazy in Love (light version)
18 Memories
19 Twinkling Photon
20 Nightmare
21 The Tree Song (scat)
22 The Tree Song (a capella)
23 The Tree Song
24 The grand soul flits freely
25 Hello, Goodbye, My memory
26 Carry Me Away (TV size -カイバ mix-)

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