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piątek, 29 lipca 2011

Discography: Hey! Say! JUMP

Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
Genre: POP, jPOP
Years Active: 2007-present

Ryōsuke Yamada (山田涼介)
Yuri Chinen (知念侑李)
Yuto Nakajima (中島裕翔)
Keito Okamoto (岡本圭人)
Daiki Arioka (有岡大貴)
Hikaru Yaotome (八乙女光)
Kōta Yabu (薮宏太)
Kei Inoo (伊野尾慧)
Yuya Takaki (高木雄也)

Former members:
Ryutaro Morimoto (森本龍太郞)

Related bands:
Hey! Say! 7
Hey! Say! BEST

2010.07.07 - JUMP no.1

2007.08.01 - Hey! Say!
2007.11.14 - Ultramusic power
2008.05.21 - Dreams come true
2008.07.23 - Your seed ~ Bouken rider
2008.10.28 - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
2010.02.24 - Hitomi no screen
2010.12.15 - Arigatou ~Sekai no doko ni itemo~
2011.06.29 - OVER

2007 - Hey! Say! [Hey! Say! 7]
2008 - Ultramusic power
2008 - Dreams come true
2008 - Your seed
2008 - Mayonaka no shadow boy
2010 - Hitomi no screen
2010 - Arigatou ~Sekai no doko ni itemo~
2011 - OVER


2010 - Time [SC, 10.07.13]


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  1. I keep coming to this site in hopes of something new showing up, even if it's just a farewell post, but I guess the blog is through. I would like to express my gratitude for all this blog has shared. I've been introduced to a lot of great artists because of this blog. To whoever was in charge, thank you a million times. I'll miss this place.