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poniedziałek, 2 sierpnia 2010

Moonriders - Dire Morons Tribune (2001)

Album: Dire Morons Tribune
Artist: Moonriders
Date of release: 2001.12.12


01 Headline
02 We are Funkees
03 Morons Land
04 Bawm Bawm Phenomenon
05 天罰の雨 (Tenbatsu no Ame)
06 Black Out
07 Curve
08 Frags
09 今日もトラブルが・・・ (Kyō mo Toraburu ga...)
10 Che なんだかなあ (Che Nanda Kanā)
11 静岡 (Shizuoka)
12 俺はそんなに馬鹿じゃない (Ore wa Son Nani Baka Janai)
13 涙は俺のもの (Namida wa Ore no Mono)
14 Lovers Chronicles
15 棺の中で (Kan no Nakade)
16 イエローサブマリンがやってくる ヤア!ヤア!ヤア! (Yellow Submarine ga Yattekuru Yaa! Yaa! Yaa!)

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