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czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011

Ippu-do - Night Mirage (1983)

Album: Night Mirage
Artist: 一風堂 (Ippu-do)
Date of release: 1983.07.21


01 Plants' Music
02 African Nights
03 Rain in My Heart
04 Water Flower
05 Lonely Sea Lion
06 Sorrow
07 Dream of the Gypsies
08 Sail On
09 Moon Mirage
10 Crystal Leaves
11 Alone
12 Things to Worry About
13 Fear for the Future
14 In Time - Out of Time
15 Nightgulls
16 Never Mind

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  1. Thank you so much for these great uploads!
    If you could add more Yen records (Testpattern, Interior, Inoyama Land, Koji Ueno, the Yen Manifold compilation…), that would be fantastic!!!