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niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

V.A. - MoonBossa MOONRIDERS 25th Anniv.

Album: MoonBossa MOONRIDERS 25th Anniv.
Artist: Artist: Maki Nomiya, Hiroshi Takano, KUMI, Jealousy Prints, Souichi Terada, Naho Matsutani, Naoki Nakashita, Masahiro Naoe, Aki Suzuki, Mamoru Tanabe, Hiroshi Katatsu, Hiroaki Nagaoka, Soul Bunch, Moonriders
Date of release: 2001.12.12


01. マスカット・ココナツ・バナナ・メロン(野宮真貴、金津ヒロシ)(Mouscat, Coconut, Banana, Melon)
02. いとこ同士(高野寛)(
Itoko Doushi)
03. 急いでピクニックへ行こう(金津ヒロシ)(
04. くれない埠頭(戸田誠司、藤原マンナ) (
Kurenai Futou)
05. バースディ(寺田創一、松谷菜穂)(
06. さよならは夜明けの夢に(ナマシタナオキ)(
Sayonara Wa Yoake No Yume Ni)
07. Don't Trust Anyone Over 30(直枝政広)
08. 花咲く乙女よ穴を掘れ(鈴木亜紀、金津ヒロシ)(
Hanasaku Otome Yo Ana Wo Hore)
09. 僕はスーパーフライ(田辺マモル、金津ヒロシ)(
Boku Wa Superfly)
10. 夢が見れる機械が欲しい(永岡宏昭)(
Yume Ga Mieru Kikai Ga Hoshii)
11. 雨 (MOONRIDERS) (Ame)
12. 30(Soul Bunch)

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  1. Hello, I can not thank you enough for posting these very hard to find Moonriders albums. I've been wondering just what they sounded like for a great while, but was never really gutsy enough to pay out the nose to see. I know now and they sound fantastic. You have given me the confidence to seek them out to add them to my collection. Thank you thank you for allowing me to hear these wonderful works. Ah and I don't mean to uh sound demanding or anything, but I was wondering if you guys had any of the later albums by a guy named Hajime Tachibana? If you do it would be greatly appreciated by a small little crowd over here. Again, love this site, thanks. Sorry for the long message.

  2. Thank you. Could you specify which albums by Hajime Tachibana are you looking for? His discography is not so big, but a little bit confusing in its way...

  3. My heart just felt all warm and full of hope. The albums we've been looking for are Beauty and Happy, Low Powers, and The End. I know very little about them but I believe they exist. I love what you guys do here, it is really, really appreciated.