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sobota, 18 września 2010

Wappa Gappa - Waga Yabu (2004)

Album: 我 破 (Waga Yabu)
Artist: Wappa Gappa
Year of release: 2004


01 スーク(虚栄の市) (Sūku - Kyoei no Shi)
02 キルメス(移動遊園地) (Kirumesu - Idō Yūenchi)
03 蘭 麝 ~らんじゃ~ (Ran Ja)
04 太陽の金の林檎 (Taiyō no Kin no Ringo)
05 兵士たちへ (Heishi Tachi e)
06 極上の憂鬱 (Kyokujō no Yūutsu)
07 エッシャー (Essher)
08 エトランゼ (Etoranze)

2 komentarze:

  1. Thanks for the 2 Wappa releases I only have the one that I posted, Much appreciated. I also had ALL of the Moonriders files on mediafire, but they were deleted by mediafire last year, thanks for those also.. JJ

  2. I'm always happy to help... and if you somehow find "Tokyo7" album by Moonriders I would be even happier.