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środa, 12 maja 2010

Moonriders - "Saigo no Bansan" (1991)

Album: 最後の晩餐 (Saigo no Bansan)
Artist: Moonriders
Date of release: 1991.04.26


01 Who's Gonna Cry?
02 Who's Gonna Die First?
03 涙は悲しさだけで、出来てるんじゃない (Namida wa Kanashisa Dake de, Deki Terun ja nai)
04 Come Sta, Tokyo
05 犬の帰宅 (Inu no Kitaku)
06 幸せな野獣 (Shiawase na Yajū)
07 ガラスの虹 (Garasu no Niji)
08 プラトーの日々 (Puratō no Hibi)
09 Highland
10 はい! はい! はい! はい! (Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!)
11 10時間 (10-Jikan)
12 Christ, Who's Gonna Die And Cry?

3 komentarze:

  1. hey thanks for uploading this! I was wondering if you had anymore moonriders, specifically 'damn! moonriders' a rarities cd that came out in the mid-90s, and a special edition of 'amateur academy' originally from 1984 - this edition has a 2nd cd that contains many live tracks. i have been searching desperately for them. i would appreciate any help! oh, also the first live compilation they released recently, 'moonlight recital' from the mid-70s.

    if you do respond to this comment i'll check this page again for it!

  2. Well... I don't have (yet)this "Moonlight Recital", and I own only a regular version of Amatour Academy, so I'm terribly sorry I couldn't help you. I will post all remaining LPs later (maybe there will be something interesting among them). I am 100% aware that I don't have all regular albums yet... Tokyo7 for example. And sorry for a late answer.

  3. hey no problem, thanks a lot for checking and posting more albums! i found some more rarity albums like 'damn! moonriders' but the special edition amateur academy still eludes me. if you're interested in anymore moonriders such as live stuff, send me an email and we could trade!