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sobota, 1 maja 2010

Moonriders - "Moon Over the Rosebud" (2006)

Album: Moon Over the Rosebud
Artist: Moonriders
Date of release: 2006.10.25


01 Cool Dynamo, Right on
02 果実味を残せ! Vieilles Vignesってど~よ! (Kajitsu-mi o Nokose! Vieilles Vignestte do ~ yo!)
03 Rosebud Heights
05 琥珀色の骨 (Kohaku-shoku no Hone)
06 Dance Away
07 ワンピースを、Pay Dayに (Wanpīsu o, Pay Day ni)
08 Serenade and Sarabande
09 馬の背に乗れ (Umanose ni Nore)
10 11月の晴れた午後には (11 Tsuki no Hare ta Gogo ni wa)
11 腐った林檎を食う水夫の歌 (Kusa~tsu ta Ringo o Kuu Suifu no Uta)
12 Vintage Wine Spirits, and Roses
13 When This Grateful War is Ended
14 ゆうがたフレンド (公園にて) DubMix (Yuu Gata Furendo -Kōen Nite- DubMix)

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