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środa, 12 maja 2010

Gontiti - Nangoku Ongaku Resort Music Series (2001)

Album: 南国音楽 Resort Music Series (Senen Ongaku Resort Music Series)
Artist: Gontiti
Date of release: 2001.07.04


01 修学旅行夜行列車南国音楽 (Shūgakuryokō Yakō Ressha Nangoku Ongaku)
02 Canal Tune
03 Birth of Sigh
04 Waltz in Blue
05 Coati’s Nap
06 Tiny Lips
07 漁夫の利 (Gyofu Nori)
08 アンダーソンの庭 (Anderson no Niwa)
09 General Trend
10 Home Song
11 Watchdog In The Afternoon
13 南方郵便船 (Nanpō Yūbin-sen)
14 いちばん大事なもの (Ichiban Daiji na Mono)
15 Bamboo Chair

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