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czwartek, 4 marca 2010

Yuki Kajiura - Live 2008.07.31 (2008)

Live 2008.07.31
Artist: Yuki Kajiura
Date of release: 2008.12.24
Resolution: 720x480
Time: 02:12:58
File size: 714 MB (8 parts)


01. the world
02. dream scape
03. MC#1
04. vanity
05. Liminality
06. in the land of twilight,under the moon
07. MC#2
08. the main theme of Petit Cossette
09. 宝石 (houseki)
10. fake wings
11. 媛星 (Hime Hoshi)
12. 目覚め (Mezame)
13. you are my love
14. MC#3
15. godsibb
16. a song of storm and fire
17. MC#4
18. canta per me
19. salva nos
20. zodiacal sign
21. open your heart
22. EC
23. everlasting song
24. MC#5
25. ユメノツバサ (Yume no Tsubasa)
26. ring your song

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