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środa, 27 stycznia 2010

姫神 - 炎‐HOMURA‐ (1993)

Album: 炎‐HOMURA‐
Artist: 姫神 (Himekami)
Date of release: 1993.11.03

01 風の祈り (Kaze no Inori)
02 真秀にたかく月天 (Maho ni Takaku Getten)
03 炎の柵 (Homura no Saku)
04 天地礼讃 (Tenchi Reisan)
05 蒼い夢 (Aoi Yume)
06 朽葉いろ北にありて (Kuchihairo Kita ni Arite)
07 風と星と青原と (Kaze to Hoshi to Seigen)
08 大地炎ゆ~秀衡のテーマ(新ヴァージョン) (Daichi Moyu - New Version)
09 雲はてしなく (Kumo Hoteshinaku)

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  1. hello!is there the link or im just so tired i cant see it?:P

  2. No you aren't tired. My mistake. I've fixed it... sorry, and thanks for noticing.