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sobota, 16 stycznia 2010

Hidenori Shoji et al. - 龍が如く 見参! Original Soundtrack (2008)

Album: 龍が如く 見参! Original Soundtrack (Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!)
Artist: Hidenori Shoji, Hideki Sakamoto, Hiroyoshi Kato, Keisuke Itou, Yuri Fukuda
Date of release: 2008.03.05


01 祖龍の嘶き (Soryuu no Seiki)
02 忌 (Ki)
03 愧 (Ki)
04 危 (Ki)
05 Mirroring Oneself
06 Mark That Drifts
07 Water & Melon
08 Non Blade Sword
10 Blood Maker
11 千両役者 (Senryou Yakusha)
12 Brand-new Japanesque
13 dive to the mess
14 大和舞踏曲 (Yamato Butou Kyoku)
15 100 Execution
16 Immorality
17 Dull Color Fangs
18 For Will
19 Sneakin' Drive
20 baile con la mariposa
21 Swordplay
22 志士の奏でる調べ (Kokorozashi Samurai no Kanaderu Shirabe)
23 Gion's Bowling
24 お座敷遊び (Ozashiki Asobi)
25 あざみ屋 (Azamiya)
26 夢路屋 (Yume Michiya)
27 Masochism
28 TSU-N-DE-Receive You
29 Platonic Love?
30 Demand The M-Shape
31 Ultimate Worldly Desires-feat.Tears Of Father-

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