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piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Discography: T-Square

Group: T-Square
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz
Years Active: 1978-Now
Members (current):
Masahiro Andoh - guitars
Shingo Tanaka - bass
Satoshi Bandoh - drums
Keizoh Kawano - keyboards, piano
Takeshi Itoh - saxophones, EWI
Members (former):
Yuhji Mikuriya - guitars
Yuhji Nakamura - bass
Toyoyuki Tanaka - bass
Mitsuru Sutoh - bass
Katsuji Morioka - bass
Michael S. Kawai - drums, percussion
Jun Aoyama - drums
Eiji Shimizu - drums
Tohru Hasebe - drums
Hiroyuki Noritake - drums
Miyagi Junko - keyboards, piano
Shiro Sagesu - keyboards, piano
Daisaku Kume - keyboards, piano
Hirotaka Izumi - keyboards, piano
Tadashi Namba - keyboards, piano
Keiji Matsumoto - keyboards, piano
Masato Honda - saxophones, EWI
Takahiro Miyazaki - saxophones, EWI
Kiyohiko Semba - percussion


1992 Impressive
1997 Blue in Red
2001 Brasil
2003 Spirits
2008 Wonderful Days

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