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niedziela, 3 stycznia 2010

The Black Mages LIVE "Above the Sky" [2005]

The Black Mages LIVE "Above the Sky"
Club Citta', January 22&23rd/Namba Hatch, January 28th,2005

18 AVI clips:

01 Warning (Title 1)
02 Opening (Title 2)
03 The Rocking Grounds (FF III)
04 Zeromus (FF IV)
05 Nobuo Talks (MC 1)
06 Hunter's Chance (FF IX)
07 Battle Theme (FF VI)
08 Battle with the Four Fiends (FF IV)
09 Vamo' Alla Flamenco (FF IX)
10 Maybe I'm a Lion (FF VIII)
11 MC 2 ~ Those Who Fight Further (FF VII)
12 The Man with the Machine Gun (FF VIII)
13 Clash on the Big Bridge (FF V)
14 Bandmembers Talking (MC 3)
15 Otherworld [Featuring Kazco] (FF X)
16 The Skies Above [Featuring Mr.Goo] (FF X)
17 Matoya's Cave (FF I)
18 Blue Blast ~ Winning the Rainbow (Original)

Download link (Megaupload

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