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piątek, 25 grudnia 2009

Yin and Yang - Welcome to Ongaku Poland!

Now I'll be the good one, but in the end black part of yin-yang is mine. Hmm.. I'm a woman. I love nights. But... Oh God I just like the black part of yin-yang as far as I don't remember that this is the passive part. Fuck that and all those kind words! Minna-san! If you like jmusic, jrock and all that hot j-stuff (and even hotter j-staffs) feel like home here. My part is this with fanservice and popular music. I can also support with stupid commercials, TV shows etc. One rule: Show you more.


Well... I am man. But I don't identify my spirit with bright yang part (baaah... I prefer nights too). I think that most important piece of the classic Taijitu concept isn't "the real deal", but that small, opposite colored circles, inserted in it. They show that both elements contains small particle of each other, but most of all, this pointed minority is only a notion - everybody can feather one's nest, and distend it.
So... if your music liking is based on something more than j-pop, visual-kei and j-rock. And further more, if your passion can be focused on some music group or artist who is not exactly related with this domain - you come to the right place. My part is promotion of total japanese music scene, with allowance of such underrated genres as jazz, funk, blues, folk, ska, fusion, new age, electronica, post rock, contemporary classical, instrumental, experimental music, original and arranged scores from anime, japanese movies and TV series, video game music and many more. Here the rule is: Expand my taste.


In conclusion... Welcome to Ongaku Poland where you can find all cheesy and hot j-music staff and where you also can distend your music horizon.

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