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niedziela, 27 grudnia 2009

V/A - Square Enix Music Sampler CD (2006)

Album: Square Enix Music Sampler CD
Artist: Nobuo Uematsu, Naoshi Mizuta, Hidenori Iwasaki, Yoko Shimomura, Kenji Ito, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kumi Tanioka, Masashi Hamauzu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenichiro Fukui, Shiro Hamaguchi, Naoshi Mizuta, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Udatsu Tanaka
Date of release: 2006.02.18


01 J-E-N-O-V-A (FINAL FANTASY VII Original Soundtrack)
02 Balamb GARDEN (FINAL FANTASY VIII Original Soundtrack)
03 Vamo' alla flamenco (FINAL FANTASY IX Original Soundtrack)
04 Otherworld (FINAL FANTASY X Original Soundtrack)
05 The Grand Duchy of Jeuno (FINAL FANTASY XI Original Soundtrack)
06 Battle Theme (THE BLACK MAGES)
07 Gold Saucer (Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY VII)
08 Assault (FRONT MISSION 4 + 1st Original Soundtrack)
09 Theme of Love (20020220 music from FINAL FANTASY)
10 Rebel Army Theme (FINAL FANTASY I & II Original Soundtrack)
11 Kazham (FINAL FANTASY XI Rise of the Zilart Original Soundtrack)
12 Brahne's Appearance ~ The Play Begins (FINAL FANTASY IX Original Soundtrack Plus)
13 Legend of MANA ~Title Theme~ (Seiken Densetsu Legend Of Mana Original Soundtrack)
14 Rising Sun (Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack)
15 The Forgotten City - Tavnazian Safehold (FINAL FANTASY XI Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack)
16 The Treasure which cannot be Stolen (Xenogears Original Soundtrack)
17 Chrono Trigger -Arrange Version 1- (Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack)
18 Two Wings (CREID Xenogears Arrange Version)
19 Selbina (THE STAR ONIONS Final Fantasy XI - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel)
20 The Promised Land (FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN Original Soundtrack)
21 Elnath Power Plant ☆ (Code Age Commanders Original Soundtrack)
22 Children of the War (FRONT MISSION 5 ~Scars of the War~ Original Soundtrack)
23 The Opening of a Journey (SaGa Frontier Original Soundtrack)
24 Präludium (SaGa Frontier 2 Original Soundtrack)
25 Beginning of a Journey (Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon Original Soundtrack)
26 Trisection (FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Original Soundtrack)
27 Opening Movie (VAGRANTSTORY Original Soundtrack)
28 Snow Dancing in the Schoolyard (FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE Original Soundtrack)
29 Udatsu's Blues (BONUS TRACK)

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