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niedziela, 27 grudnia 2009

Takeharu Ishimoto - Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack (2007)

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack
Artist: Takeharu Ishimoto, Nobuo Uematsu
Date of release: 2007.10.10



01 Fragments of Memories -D.M.W-
02 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Successor"
03 Mission Start
04 First Mission (from FFVII "Opening ~ Bombing Mission")
05 The Mako City
06 Patriots on a Moonlit Night
07 Encounter
08 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Dreams and Pride"
09 Last Order - Crisis Mix (from "LAST ORDER FFVII")
10 Burden of Truth
11 Wandering on a Sunny Afternoon
12 Conflict
13 Controlling the Iron Beast
14 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Under the Apple Tree"
15 The Summoned (from FFVII "Those Who Fight Further")
16 The Burdened
17 On the Verge of the Assault (from FFVII "Those Who Fight")
18 The Clandestine Dark Suits (from FFVII "Turk's Theme")
19 The Skyscraper of Iron and Steel (from "LAST ORDER FFVII")
20 Combat
21 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Scars of Friendship"
22 A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII "Aerith's Theme")
23 Sky-Blue Eyes
24 Theme of CRISIS CORE "With Pride"
25 Melody of Agony
26 March on the Frontier (from "LAST ORDER FFVII")
27 A Moment of Courtesy
28 A Beating Black Wing
29 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Truth Behind the Project"
30 The Face of Lost Pride
31 Why (CCFFVII Mix)


01 Town Where the Sunlight Doesn't Reach
02 A Changing Situation
03 The Mako-Controlling Organization (from FFVII "Shinra Company")
04 Theme of CRISIS CORE "To a New Post"
05 A Closed Off Village (from FFVII "Anxious Heart")
06 Farewell Melody
07 The Gloomy Mansion
08 A Momentary Rest
09 Prelude of Ruin
10 The World's Enemy (from FFVII "One-Winged Angel")
11 Night of Seclusion
12 Duty and Friendship
13 Theme of CRISIS CORE "Chaotic Battlefield"
14 Wilderness of Desertion
15 Melody of Resolution
16 Moonlight Wandering (from "LAST ORDER FFVII")
17 An Ancient Hymn Sung by the Water
18 Howl of the Gathered
19 Those Who Accept the Protection of the Stars
20 SOLDIER Battle
21 The Price of Freedom
22 Why
23 Fulfilled Desire
24 to be continued (from FFVII "Opening ~ Bombing Mission")

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